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2024 Qurbani/Udhiyah
30% of $5,000
Creater Islamic Relief USA
Supporters 11
Created Date May 16, 2024
End Date Jun 20, 2024

Have you given your Qurbani yet? Now's the perfect time, and by doing so, you not only fulfill the charitable obligations set by Allah (SWT), but also assist in alleviating the hardships faced by impoverished families around the world. For far too many of our brothers and sisters, the gift of meat during Qurbani is their only source of animal protein for the year. One Qurbani donation can provide 50-70 pounds of bone-in-meat – that means with one donation, you serve 5-10 vulnerable families. Subhanallah, can you imagine the life-changing impact that has? Last year alone, IRUSA provided 1.7 MILLION Qurbani's worldwide thanks to the support of donors like you who believe in the power of food.

Islamic Relief USA
Alexandria, Virginia
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