1. Does Feeling Blessed Have Platform Fees?

Feeling Blessed charges no fee on Zakat donations and donations of $10 and under. All other donations are subject to 2.5% platform fee capped at $50 no matter how large the donation amount. Standard credit card processing fee applies to all donations and it is optional to include it on top of your donation.

2. Is My Credit Card Information Secure?

Security of your credit card information is of utmost importance to us. It is encrypted and vaulted by the highly reputed and trusted payment processor Stripe. All transaction connections are secured by SSL. Feeling Blessed does not store any credit card information in its database.

3. Can I Donate A Custom Amount Rather Than The Pre-Set Amount Suggested By The Organization?

Absolutely! No donation is too small and a little goes a long way. Simply click on the amount to edit and enter your desired donation.

4. I Don’t See The Mosque In The List Where I Frequently Pray At. How Can I Donate To Them Through The Feeling Blessed App?

We are quickly growing across the United States and encouraging mosques and charities all over North America to register with us. If you would like to start donating to your preferred organization through us but don’t see it on the list, go to Invite in the app menu and fill out the form to suggest a non-profit organization. You can also reach out to your desired organization and ask them to register at www.feelingblessed.org

5. Do I Get A Receipt Of My Donation?

Yes, An auto-generated receipt will be generated and emailed to you on the email address you registered with. If you lose it you can always view your donation history on the app.

6. How Do I Know My Donation Is Going Directly To The Organization?

When an organization registers themselves with Feeling Blessed, they also create a merchant account on Stripe to receive payments directly into their bank account.

7. Can I See A Report Of How Much I’ve Donated?

Under the ‘History’ tab in the menu you can see how much you’ve donated to each organization. You can also email yourself a report by clicking on the ‘Run Tax Report’ button.

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