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Palestinian American Medical Association


Palestinian American Medical Association

Fairfax, US

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Palestinian American Medical Association

With your generous donations, we will be able help support both education and clinical services in Palestine. Since you enabled us to provide over 1200 scholarships to medical students in West Bank and Gaza, support a PHD female student from Gaza to pursue her education at Harvard Medical School, support a Palestinian surgeon to do his pediatric cardiac surgery subspecialty in India. You also enabled us to support clinical services to patients; perform 20 surgeries for children with congenital anomalies, do 70 orthopedic surgeries for trauma victims, and kept our cornea transplant surgery project going. PAMA not only has generous donors like you, but also has a generous young board of directors. Please allow me to briefly go over PAMA operations to assure transparency and reassure you that you have chosen the right charity. Like no other charities, PAMA is totally run by volunteer work and is among the leanest out there. Your donations are delivered 100% to the causes, and dollar for dollar. This was made possible because PAMA board has been volunteering their time to run PAMA operations and donating their money to cover the overhead costs. Actually, the board has been generous enough to donate triple the amount of running costs. PAMA is growing exponentially, and you want to be part of a thriving charity. PAMA has quadrupled its operation annually for the last three years. PAMA board and I are very thankful to your support. You give us the strength to continue our volunteer work, so please keep your support going, invite your friends to join PAMA efforts, and let's all help promote health care in Palestine.

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