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V Secure Future


V Secure Future

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V Secure Future

Education program introduction 1Education Program in Slum The Education Program works to secure the future of socioeconomically challenged and marginalized children and youth through education, mentoring, and support services. The educational program works against social exclusion and aids in the process of improving the terms of participation in society for people who are disadvantaged and discriminated against based on sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, and/or economic status through enhanced opportunities, education, and access to resources. Our program collaborates with university students and allows them to do their educational projects in our educational centers with our students, which reinforces their concepts and provides them support to thrive academically. "WE EMPOWER THESE SLUM AND OUT OF SCHOOL CHILDREN THROUGH EDUCATION" 2. The Program has three Models 2.1 ​Model A- Street to School In model A, Program starts with parents’ cooperation and coordination by bringing street, slum, and out of schoolchildren into educational centers. The children, who beg on the streets or pick up rags, face social exclusion and are victims of discrimination, social hazard, and physical and mental abuse. This program transforms children to be confident, builds self-esteem, brings them into the mainstream, and helps them become productive, responsible, and respectable citizens. 2.2​ Model B- High School to College In model B, Program supports high school students who belong to the labor class and underprivileged families facing socioeconomic problems through education, mentoring, and support services. This program works to secure the future of youth who are out of school by providing them with skills and formal education and bringing them back on academic and employment track. 2.3 ​Model C- Madarsa Students inclusion In Model C, Program supports integrating madrasa students into the formal education system. Our program provides an opportunity of learning math, science, and English up to eighth class with continuity for further education. Millions of students can benefit from this program and receive formal education with a low budget and little effort.

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