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Qurbani/Udhiya 2024
13% of $4,500
This fundraiser has ended.
Creater IEWS DBA Saba Homes
Supporters 2
Created Date Jun 11, 2024
End Date Jul 01, 2024

This Eid al-Adha, make a lasting impact by securing your Qurbani/Udhiya with Saba Homes. Your sacrifice can bring joy and nourishment to those who need it most – widows, underprivileged families, and orphans in Pakistan. For many, this sacred occasion is the only time they get to savor the taste of meat. But with your generous donation, you can spread smiles and provide a cherished meal to those who seldom experience such delight. Don't let this opportunity to reap immense rewards pass you by. Donate today! Your Qurbani will not only fulfill a religious obligation but also alleviate hunger and bring happiness to countless lives. Secure your Qurbani/Udhiya with Saba Homes and let your sacrifice be a beacon of hope, spreading joy and blessings far and wide. Act now and make this Eid al-Adha truly memorable for those in need. JazakAllah Khair!

IEWS DBA Saba Homes
Costa Mesa, California
EIN : 33-07169441
Purpose of Donation : Qurbani - Any Amount Learn more about organization
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