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Feed Needy Families in Pakistan with Transparent Hands' Online Qurbani Donations
1% of $29,700
Creater Transparent Hands Foundation US Inc
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Created Date May 24, 2024
End Date Jun 17, 2024

Objective: Join us in feeding thousands of families in Pakistan this Eid-al-Adha with online Qurbani donations of 50 goats/sheep and 50 cows. Eid-al-Adha is an opportunity for Muslims worldwide to spread joy among the poor and needy through the sacred act of Qurbani. Many families are unable to celebrate Eid like the rest of us due to financial constraints. For many, Eid is the only time when they have access to nutritious meat. With a unique online crowdfunding platform, Transparent Hands is making it convenient for Muslims to give their Qurbani with ease from anywhere in the world and bring joy to the underprivileged. By giving your Qurbani donation online with Transparent Hands, you can ensure that the Qurbani meat reaches those who need it most in Pakistan’s impoverished communities. The Need for Qurbani Donations For countless individuals and families across the globe, daily sustenance is a challenge, and nutritious meals are a rarity, especially in developing countries like Pakistan. During Eid al-Adha, the practice of performing Qurbani and distributing meat becomes an important source of nourishment. This tradition not only feeds families but also brings them a special joy that comes with the Eid celebrations. By donating a Qurbani, you directly help with improving food security and nutrition, and bring a moment of joy to those less fortunate. Transparent Hands' Impact Through Online Qurbani Here’s how Transparent Hands is making a difference: 100% Meat Distribution: Every bit of meat procured through your Qurbani donation (all portions) is distributed among the most deserving families in Pakistan. Global Accessibility: Whether you are in the US, UK, or anywhere else, Transparent Hands allows you to perform your Qurbani online at lower prices compared to many other platforms. This makes it possible for more people to participate and for donors like you to possibly give multiple donations, increasing your impact. Adherence to Islamic rules and Hygiene Standards: All Qurbani procedures are carried out in compliance with Islamic rules. Experts ensure that the animals are healthy and old enough to be sacrificed, the slaughtering process adheres to Islamic guidelines, and that the meat is handled with the highest standards of hygiene. Fresh Qurbani meat is delivered to the needy. Multiple Qurbani Donation Options: With options ranging from goats/sheep to cows or shares in cows, donors can choose the type of Qurbani donation that best fits their preference and budget. Cost of Qurbani You can sacrifice and donate a goat/sheep for $125, while it costs $469 for a cow. Each cow is divided into seven equal shares and one share costs $67. 50 Goats Cost: $6,250 50 Cows Cost: $23,450 Total: $29,700 This Eid al-Adha, choose to make a difference with your Qurbani. Transparent Hands not only ensures that your donation goes to those who need it most but also makes the process easier and more accessible for Muslims around the world. Bring joy and nutritious meals to thousands of deserving families in Pakistan’s low-income, vulnerable, and impoverished communities. Make this Eid special and memorable by donating your Qurbani online through Transparent Hands.

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