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Currently over 21 million Pakistanis suffer from a water sanitation crisis that has impacted the entire country. Major cities like Karachi and Lahore struggle to provide access to clean and safe drinking water, but the situation worsens amongst rural villages who not only lack modern systems, but also adequate healthcare. Contaminated water is the leading cause of diarrhea and other severe health conditions, resulting in death due to a lack of treatment in many of these underdeveloped villages. Children, more than any other demographic, are the most vulnerable victims of these health conditions as their immune systems are not developed enough to withstand the muddened and bacterially-infected water they’re forced to drink.Paani translates to water in Urdu, a beacon for our mission to produce both short and long-term solutions that ignite sustainable change against this water crisis. Our team’s foundation began as a student organization at the University of Michigan and we have since then become a certified non-profit organization. Paani’s purpose has and always will be to provide for people in need, bridging the gap between those able to help with the ones who need it most.

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