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JDC Welfare Foundation USA


JDC Welfare Foundation USA

Somerset, US

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JDC Welfare Foundation USA

The JDC Welfare Organization, also recognized as JDC Foundation Pakistan, stands as a beacon of compassion and commitment in the realm of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) within Pakistan. Since its establishment in 2009, this organization has been unwavering in its dedication to the service of humanity, embracing a steadfast ethos that rejects discrimination based on caste, creed, or color. The heart of its mission lies in the provision of a diverse array of services, ranging from disaster management to social welfare and rehabilitation initiatives all over Pakistan. This organization extends an open invitation to volunteers from every conceivable background, recognizing the strength that diversity brings to their collective mission. Its impactful engagement spans a spectrum of relief campaigns, with a notable mention being its tireless efforts during extensive flood relief campaigns across the expanse of Pakistan. Within the folds of its vision, the JDC Foundation Pakistan aspires to weave a world where the tapestry of humanity is adorned with threads of equality and unfaltering support. In this envisioned world, basic needs, education, and healthcare stand not as privileges but as universally accessible pillars of strength. The establishment of free dialysis centers, vocational training centers, mobile restaurants, old age homes, IT city, modern curriculum-based schools, and medical camps in notable figures demonstrates the foundation's dedication to the well-being of Pakistani society. JDC's commitment to this vision resonates with an urgency that transcends boundaries, a call to action echoing through the corridors of time, urging a collective effort to forge a more compassionate and equitable world.

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