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Islamic Institute of Toronto


Islamic Institute of Toronto

Toronto, CA

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Islamic Institute of Toronto

Established in 1996, the Islamic Institute of Toronto is a premier Islamic Educational Institution, located in Toronto Canada offering post-secondary courses in Arabic Language, Islamic Jurisprudence, Ethics and Spirituality, Islamic History and Civilization, Comparative Religion and Civic Engagement amongst others. The IIT is committed to the Prophetic legacy of promoting Islamic education that is authentic and relevant to the times in which we live. Our aim is to develop a solid core of professional teachers who are qualified in both the subject matter and the methods of delivery; who reflect the universal Islamic values in their personal lives and who share the vision of a better world through the Qur’anic imperatives of teaching and learning. Our education programs are complemented by a wide variety of other social and recreational programs, giving our students and wider community the opportunity to interact and develop together. Children and youth are also given the opportunity and encouraged to volunteer, so that learned concepts come to life in a tangible manner. Our philosophy is that the ultimate objective of any worldly endeavour is the achievement of felicity in the next world, therefore we will seek to create harmony between the intellectual, physical and spiritual dimensions of each individual student. Our institution will be a safe and respectful place where students, teachers and community members will work harmoniously to achieve academic excellence and to grow in knowledge, faith and practice; where there is recognition and understanding of the rights of fellow students and teachers, fellow human beings and love for the country in which we live. We encourage you to explore our site and to join us on the journey of enlightenment.

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