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HOPE Charities USA is a volunteer-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization working to better the socioeconomic forefront of impoverished citizens in Pakistan. Estimates of poverty in Pakistan range anywhere from 25 percent to almost 40 percent. Health indicators suggest that it is the lack of accessible healthcare — not terrorism, drones or the energy crisis — that is the greatest adversity facing Pakistan. Additionally, in a country where 60 percent of youth are illiterate and only 1 in 3 women can read and write, education becomes a scarce commodity which inhibits freedom from poverty. HOPE USA’s mission is to end poverty in Pakistan through a calculated, multi-pronged interventional approach which focuses on Healthcare, Education, Vocational Training, Clean Water, and Disaster Relief. Currently, HOPE has a countrywide presence throughout Pakistan which includes 4 Hospitals, 3 Formal Schools, 200 Informal Schools, 6 Vocational Centers, 1 Basic Health Clinic, 2 Mobile Health units, and 6 Maternal and Child Health Clinics. Altogether we have grown to a network of hospitals and schools that treats over 750,000 patients per year, educates 12,000 students annually, and provides income-generating skills to over 2,000 young adults yearly; 70 percent of our beneficiaries are women and children. All of HOPE USA’s health, education, and vocational training facilities provide free/nominal cost services to the impoverished. Additionally, HOPE has been on the frontlines of every emergency relief effort that has impacted Pakistan, from the 2005 Kashmir earthquake to the current 2022 catastrophic flooding crisis. Our emergency relief efforts have generated aid to over 100,000 victims of natural disasters over the years and we have established 120 hand pumps in remote and rural areas to provide clean water to 120,000 people total. As a nonprofit organization, HOPE USA has an outstanding record of performance. With almost 15 years of experience, we are currently at the stage where we are a small organization with tremendous impact potential. Major corporations/governments have vetted us and trust our work. Some recent grantors include Procter & Gamble, Paypal, Target Corporation, US Aid, Unicef, and the Centers for Disease Control. Additionally, HOPE USA has received corporate matches from Cisco, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Facebook, Linked In, Adobe, Paypal, Mastercard, and Dreyers. We are a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) boasting some of the lowest overhead rates one will see in the nonprofit realm (less than 3 percent). In 2021 we were awarded a medal by Pakistan President Arif Alvi for our poverty alleviation model in Pakistan – we were 1 of just 2 organizations to receive this honor. We are also the only authorized distributor of Procter & Gamble PuR water sachets in Pakistan which become critical during times of natural disasters such as the current flooding crisis.

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