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Mississauga, CA

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Beneficent is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-run organization committed to economic empowerment via interest-free debt relief. We endeavour to free individuals of crippling short-term debt, such as credit card bills or outstanding fees as a result of recent job loss. We also exist as an educational institution dedicated to teaching personal finance fundamentals and discouraging overreliance on debt, rather than simply providing a short term solution to an ever-growing problem in our society - heavy debt burdens worsened by compounding interest. We use ethical principles from Islamic finance which aim to replace interest-based loans to prevent the burden on the indebted and end the debt cycle. We aim to empower Canadians to build strong networks and encourage self-reliance in a communal setting. We are committed to serving those in need, irrespective of religion, creed, or background. We believe this service is not only important, but necessary, and we appreciate the support we receive from all those who are involved in our cause.

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