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Al-Furqaan Foundation


Al-Furqaan Foundation

Lombard, US

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Al-Furqaan Foundation

Al-Furqaan Foundation was established in 2003 with mission to deliver the message of the Qur’an to every individual in America in order to fulfill 5 rights the Quran has upon us as muslims which are, Believe It, Recite It, Understand It, Act Upon It & Convey It. MashaAllah in just few years Al-Furqaan Foundation has launched several projects to fulfill this mission. Al-Furqaan Foundation projects primarily serves USA but recently are also expanding into Canada with future plans to take The Quran distribution project to other English Speaking Countries like U.K, Australia & India InshaAllah. Al-Furqaan Foundation now is been recognized as an international da’wah organization. Al-Furqaan Foundation also works closely with many national interfaith organizations for the betterment of society. While having continuous focus on self-development and outreach, Al-Furqaan Foundation has paved its place as a leading grassroot organization in the American Muslim community.

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