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The Simplest Way to Give. We’ve Made Giving Easier Than Ever Before.

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Giving Made Easy

Giving should be meaningful, simple, and fast.

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  • Freedom To Give

  • Donation Tracking & History

  • Fast and Secure Transactions

  • Perfect Donor Experience

  • Donate or Pay Zakat

  • Free For Donors & Charities

Feeling Blessed

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Download Feeling Blessed today and see how easy it is to connect to your favorite charities.

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We’ve Made Giving Easier Than Ever Before



Find your organization, or mark a mosque or a nonprofit as your favorite so that you can easily find and make donations to them as frequently and as generously as you’d like, even when you are thousands of miles away.

Feeling Blessed


Select a suggested donation amount or type one in. Click on ‘purpose’ to choose which category to give in like operations or sadaqa. If giving zakat, tap the zakat switch to keep track of how much you’ve given.

Feeling Blessed


Hit donate and let us work our magic. Your blessing will be instantaneously shared with the non-profit and a receipt will be emailed to you. Track your donations so you’ll always know exactly where and how much you’ve donated.

Feeling Blessed
Feeling Blessed

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We make giving simple and easy!

Priced Simply

Our pricing is simple so you can give instantly with out worrying about fees or hidden charges.

Designed For Charities

Enable your charity to receive donations within seconds from mobile donors. Our complete platform makes collecting donations easy so you can do more.

  • No Setup Fees or Contracts
  • Custom Donation Forms
  • Collect Recurring Donations
  • Donor Insights & Donation Data
  • Powerful Donation Tools
Feeling Blessed