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Vegetable Pushcarts
1% of $10,000
Creater Rahbar Foundation, Inc
Supporters 5
Created Date Mar 10, 2023
End Date Apr 06, 2023

Sponsor Vegetable Pushcarts for Self-Employment# Donate your ZAKAT of $200 and uplift a Family!! The Rahbar Foundation is dedicated to providing charitable assistance to vulnerable families and poor individuals to get out of poverty by giving them the opportunity of self-employment. Alhamdulillah, the Rahbar Foundation has been providing pushcarts loaded with a variety of items to help them to run small-scale businesses. So far we have given more than 2,000 pushcarts. Alhamdulillah, we helped over 2,000 families to settle financially. This is the blessed month of Ramadan which is the month of spending your Zakat in charity. Please spend your ZAKAT/SADAQAH wisely and adopt at least one family by donating $200 to a needy family/Individual. Insha'Allah with your generous support, we will help them by providing push carts loaded with vegetables/other items and some seed money to start a small business which will bring them a steady stream of income daily and it will help them to overcome difficulties. Alhamdulillah, fortunate people like us have blessings from Allah SWT and live a happy life with better opportunities as compared to those who are living below the poverty line. If possible we should help such families with our Zakat and Sadaqah funds. To support a pushcart loaded with vegetables, weighing equipment, and some seed money, it needs $200 only to sponsor a family. This is a very small amount for us but this small gift will change their life and provide an opportunity to stand on their own feet and look after their family and children. With just $200 you will be giving a new life to a poor family, Insha'Allah you will get continuous rewards for helping the poor. Please sponsor at least one family with just $200 only. Gift a Pushcart with your ZAKAT and SADAQAH donations. Vegetable Pushcarts Sponsorship: One Pushcart for 1 family for $200, Two Pushcarts for 2 families for $400, Three Pushcarts for 3 Families for $600, Four Pushcarts for 4 Families for $800, Five Pushcarts for 5 Families for $1000. Ten Pushcarts for 10 Families for $20,000 Alhamdulillah, you have been supporting many Rahbar Foundation causes and we hope that you will adopt a family with a $200 donation for self-employment. The amount is not very big, but the result is life-altering. Please donate generously and all your donations are tax-deductible with Tax Exempt ID 47-3151781 of the Rahbar Foundation. You can also double your donation by matching with your company. Please donate online at safe and secure Stripe/PayPal payment systems. The donation process is in 3 steps to complete and it takes a few seconds to process, so please wait till the confirmation message is displayed and redirected to our website. Choose the option from the donation drop-down “Vegetable Pushcarts for Self-Employment”. Please visit the photo gallery on our Facebook page to see our activities and accomplishments. You can also send your donation checks to the address given below. RAHBAR FOUNDATION PO BOX # 803201 DALLAS, TEXAS 75380 Best Regards, Azhar Pasha

Rahbar Foundation, Inc
Irving, Texas
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