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This Ramadan, Help Us Expand Our Dawah Efforts and Bring Islam to Blind People Around The World
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Creater Islam By Touch
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Created Date Mar 04, 2023
End Date Apr 11, 2023

About 7 years ago, we founded Islam By Touch with the objective of making Islam accessible to blind individuals. We chose to begin our journey by transcribing in Braille the Saheeh International English Meanings of the Quran. Alhamdulillah, with the support of the Muslim community, we've been able to produce and distribute over 1000 copies of the English Meanings of the Quran in braille to blind people and Muslim Institutions all over the world. As we've distributed these braille books, we have been busy on many other fronts in our mission. What people don’t know is that Islam By Touch is the ONLY organization actively giving Dawah all over the world. We go to blind conventions and set up a Dawah table in the exhibition halls. We have attended 4 blind conventions in our dawah efforts, and plan on many more including the NFB National convention this year. We are also the only organization who offers blind-accessible Dawah materials. These materials are split into 4 categories: Large Print Booklets, Large Print Inverted Colors Booklets, Braille Booklets, and USB Flash Drive with digital information. Each packet of information we give people costs approximately $50 between materials and labor. In July 2019, we went to the world's largest blind convention and set up the first-ever dawah table with blind-accessible dawah materials. Between the costs of materials, travel expenses, food, etc. the cost is about $10,000 minimum a trip. Alhamdulillah, we at Islam By Touch are extremely humbled and grateful for the opportunity Allah has granted us to serve the Muslim community. We’ve been doing this work for 7 years, but it was 7 years of a constant struggle to survive. This is where you come in. This Ramadan, be generous to a cause that nobody else is shining a light on. We need to come together to give every blind person their rightful place within the Muslim community. Blind individuals have as much to offer the Ummah as their sighted brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity.

Islam By Touch
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