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Sadaqah for Orphans at Saba Homes
75% of $4,000
Creater IEWS DBA Saba Homes
Supporters 31
Created Date Oct 02, 2023
End Date Dec 14, 2023

Saba Homes, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to honoring and empowering orphans in Pakistan. In our pursuit of providing a brighter future for these children, we have established a haven that offers them the best quality private education, homelike accommodation, nutritional food, healthcare facilities, and Islamic education - all within an atmosphere of love and compassion. However, sustaining our work requires continuous support from kind-hearted individuals like yourself. Your Sadaqah donations are indispensable in transforming the lives of hundreds of orphans who rely on us for refuge, healing, and transformation. By contributing your Sadaqah donations any amount towards our noble cause, you become an essential part of this transformative journey. Your generous donation will enable us to: 1. Education Excellence: We strive to offer the orphans in our care the best quality private education. By partnering with reputable institutions and investing in their educational development, we aim to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world. 2. Homelike Accommodation: Saba Homes goes beyond mere shelter by providing a safe and loving environment that resembles a true home. Warm beds, clean facilities, and comfortable living spaces create an atmosphere where our young residents feel secure and supported. 3. Nutritional Food & Healthcare: Nourishing their bodies is just as crucial as nurturing their minds. Our team ensures that all children receive nutritious meals tailored to their dietary needs. Additionally, we prioritize their physical well-being by providing essential healthcare services that include regular check-ups and access to medical professionals. 4. Spiritual Development: As part of our commitment to holistic care, Saba Homes offers Islamic education to instill strong moral values in our young individuals. We believe it is essential for them to embrace their faith while building character and ethical standards that will guide them throughout life. Remember the words of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): "Sadaqah extinguishes calamity." Your contributions not only help provide a better life for these vulnerable orphans but also bring immense blessings into your own life. Please do not underestimate even the smallest act of kindness, as it has the power to create lasting impact. Join us on this journey of making a difference by donating any amount you can spare. May Allah reward you abundantly for your generosity and grant you countless blessings Aameen!!! Together, let us become catalysts for change and bring hope into these innocent lives!

IEWS DBA Saba Homes
Costa Mesa, California
EIN : 33-07169441
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