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Education for Orphans
2% of $5,000
Creater Zain for Hearts
Supporters 6
Created Date Mar 07, 2023
End Date Mar 27, 2023

Zain for Hearts (ZFH) supports different projects and initiatives in the sectors of public health, culture, industry, commerce, science, the legal field, and sports. ZFH is determined to serve the community by supporting deserving and below-average income people and providing them with quality health care, with the support of sponsors and donors, so they can live their life to the fullest. It will help deserving young people attain a healthy, meaningful, and productive life by assisting them to pursue different sports of their choice and liking. ZFH also supports micro-financial programs to fight poverty, promote small and home industries and help new ideas and innovations in the area of science. Your support is needed to provide services to orphans living in Pakistan. Your Zakat and Sadaqa will be used to provide such children with access to education and health.

Zain for Hearts
Overland Park, Kansas
EIN : 85-07772651
Purpose of Donation : Education Learn more about organization
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