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Build Your Legacy - Better Our World: Invest in Ethical Leadership for an Everlasting Impact
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Creater TISA - The Islamic Seminary of America
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Created Date Feb 28, 2023
End Date Apr 14, 2023

⛔ THE PROBLEM ⛔ Today, American Muslims face unprecedented challenges. Issues of identity and sexuality, racism and discrimination, and epidemics of substance abuse, addiction and mental illness ravage our communities and threaten the preservation of our faith. As our brothers and sisters in crisis cry out for support, our Muslim leaders are ill-prepared to answer the call. ✅ THE SOLUTION ✅ TISA is developing a new kind of leader. Muslim American Imams, Chaplains, Educators, Organizational Leaders and Passionate Changemakers… individuals who are not only firmly grounded in the traditions of our faith, but properly trained to respond to real issues in our communities, right now. TISA Leaders are being trained to respond to: ➤ Domestic Violence & Trauma ➤ Addiction & Substance Abuse ➤ Mental Health Crises & Suicide ➤ Sexuality & Identity Crises in Youth ➤ Racism & Discrimination ➤ Convert & 1st/2nd Generation Issues ➤ Women’s Issues & Single Parenthood ➤ Social Pressure & Bullying ➤ Marital Discord & Infidelity ➤ Leaving Islam & Crises of Faith To have successful communities in America, we must the bridge the gap between classical theology and practical application. TISA Leaders use the deep and expansive knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah, paired real-world skills and approaches, to help every member of our community strengthen their faith and deepen their connections with Allah, with each other, and with the community at large. 💠CONTINOUS BLESSINGS💠 When you donate to develop better leadership, the rewards continue as an ongoing charity. Helping you build a legacy that will last long after you're gone. The Prophet (saw) said: “When a human being dies, all one's deeds cease, save three: a sadaqah jariyah, religious knowledge [one leaves behind] from which others benefit, and a righteous child who prays for one.” (Sahih Muslim) ⬛ WHY IT WORKS ⬛ We believe our leaders should reflect the communities they serve, as such, we strive to never turn a student away due to financial difficulties, and provide extensive scholarship opportunities through our community partners for marginalized groups such as Muslim women, converts/reverts, individuals impacted by the prison system, zakat-eligible students, and many more. Our formula is simple: Train ➨ Support ➨ Strengthen ➨ Inspire ➨ Repeat We train and educate the RIGHT leaders, support families and individuals, strengthen our communities, inspire generations to continue the process and, generation after generation, better our world. 🟣 EVERY GIFT HELPS 🟣 Whether you invest $25 or $25,000, your gift is multiplied, not only by this blessed month, but as a source of sadaqa jaariya (continuous charity), benefiting you in this life and the next. Choose a Giving Level and give generously. This is a very special opportunity to make an everlasting impact this Ramadan. 🔶 SPREAD THE BLESSINGS & SHARE! 🔶 Want to earn even more reward? Share this campaign on your social media and with families and friends to further multiply your impact. ❥❥❥ Thank you & Jazakallahu Khairan for joining us on this important mission!

TISA - The Islamic Seminary of America
Richardson, Texas
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