Gaza's Relentless Turmoil: Death and Destruction Intensifies

Oct 10, 2023
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Nibras Hamza

Oct 10, 2023

The escalating crisis between Israel and Hamas has taken a new, tumultuous turn following a surprise onslaught initiated by the Palestinian faction. This unprecedented conflict, characterized by aerial, sea, and ground engagements from the Gaza Strip, has been met with a fierce response from Israel.

A Chronological Insight:

Early Saturday heralded the commencement of Hamas's "Operation Al-Aqsa Flood," marking the gravest flare-up since the 11-day conflict in 2021. By the Israeli account, Hamas not only fired thousands of rockets but also made territorial incursions. Notably, the Israeli Defense Forces retaliated with "Operation Iron Swords," aimed at Gaza.

This military escalation coincided with the Jewish festival, Simchat Torah, marking the end of the weeklong Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles.

Centers of Confrontation:

From Tel Aviv to the Southern borders, the entire region was aflame. Reports indicate brazen street encounters, with Hamas fighters reportedly seizing control over multiple Israeli centers. Meanwhile, Israel intensified its air raids on Gaza, causing immense destruction and displacing numerous Palestinians.

A Grim Tally of Casualties:

The devastating aftermath has led to the loss of more than 400 Palestinians in Gaza and has injured thousands. Israel, on the other hand, mourns the death of 700 of its citizens, with thousands more injured.

Hamas's Stance:

Hamas attributes this aggressive stance to the enduring Palestinian plight. Khaled Qadomi, the Hamas spokesperson, relayed the organization's anguish over the persistent atrocities faced by Palestinians, emphasizing the sanctity of sites like Al-Aqsa. Hamas's military commander, Mohammed Deif, asserted the significance of this battle in ending what he referred to as "the last occupation on Earth."

Israel's Position:

Following the attack, Israel's Prime Minister's office officially declared the nation to be at war. Israel asserted its right to defend itself and its populace from what it termed as a 'terrorist assault.'

The International Pulse:

As the world witnesses the unfolding chaos, demonstrations in support of Palestine and Israel have erupted globally. European Union, France, and the UK have all expressed their stance, predominantly in solidarity with Israel. India, meanwhile, vocalized its shock and extended its support to Israel. Regionally, Egypt, Lebanon, and Iran have commented on the developments, emphasizing restraint, solidarity, and support respectively.

Feeling Blessed's Call for Compassion:

As the world grapples with the political nuances of this conflict, at its core remain the innocent lives caught in the crossfire. Feeling Blessed, recognizing the immediate humanitarian crisis, appeals to its generous community. Your donations can provide essential relief to the suffering people of Gaza and Palestine. Their struggle for basic necessities, medical aid, and shelter continues, and with your help, we can extend a lifeline in their hour of need.

To support and donate for Gaza and Palestine, please Donate Here.

Your change can change lives. Together, let's stand with Gaza and Palestine.

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